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Buy UK phone cards & calling cards and SAVE on international calls!

United Kingdom Talk World Phone Card calling from USA

The same Talk United Kingdom card now has lower rates. You'll get great quality for calling United Kingdom with 2-minute rounding and a lower maintenance fee.

Talk World
Quantity Denomination

The NobelCom UK phone cards and calling cards allow you to make affordable international calls anytime. Call United Kingdom from USA with great connection quality at the lowest rates on the market! Buy online international phone cards secure and instantly!

Denomination: 10
Minutes: 294
Phone Card Rate: 3.4p
Connection Fee: None
Rechargeable: YES
Fees and Surcharges: retail.product.NOBELCOM-UK-TALK-WORLD.feesAndSurcharges
Rate to UK Landline: 0.9p
Domestic Connection Fee: NONE
Rounding: 2 minutes
Expiration: 365 days after last use or after last recharge if no use
Maintenance Fee: 39p per week
Customer Service Hours: 24 hours
Customer Support Language: English/Spanish
Peak/Off-Peak Rates: Same Rate
Payphone Surcharge: 99p/call
Rates to cell phones may differ from the advertised landline rates.
The payphone surcharge applies only when calling from United States and Canada
*May apply on some calls. Please call Customer Service at 0800-652-1979 for details

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